Future of MSN Messenger/Hotmail in Wave 11

As Wave 10 has just passed at MSN, the MSN team are celebrating and cracking on with MSN Wave 11. MSN Wave 11 is due to be fully complete in early 2006.

Screenshot: MSN Hotmail Concept | MSN Messenger Main Window Concept | Dock Concept | Display Picture Concept | Circles Concept | Shared Photos

The key parts of MSN Wave 11 are:

Me (My Identity)
My Relationships (My Social Network)
Catch up
Publish & Archive
E-mail, IM, & SMS
Voice & Video
Fun (Play Together)

MSN Spaces
MSN are planning to create “Group Spaces”, although like the recently launched Blogging service these will allow you to create a place to share ideas, to do lists, notes, calendars, etc. with your family and friends. On the IM side of things, Messenger is likely to integrate by allowing people to create a group of friends, with the possible addition of “Circles” in MSN Messenger. Although in very early stages of development it’s likely “Circles” will integrate fully with MSN Group Spaces.

MSN Hotmail
Although there are little details on how the new wave will effect Hotmail, it’s likely that the tight integration of MSN Group Spaces will change Hotmails currently contact features. MSN have thrown out a concept of the future of Hotmail and you can view that below.

Screenshot: MSN Hotmail Concept

MSN Messenger
The Messenger main window is due to take on a Client dashboard paradigm with dock to desktop options, User-customizable layout and multiple bar parts available. Other additions include RSS/Subscription info, File sharing info, Premium bar parts, ISMP bar parts (search, radio, headlines, weather, traffic, alerts, stocks, etc.) and the possible addition of WMP in the bar layout. Window features of MSN Messenger will be Float, Dock to desktop, Minimize to side with Rippable parts and Smart resize.

Screenshot: MSN Messenger Main Window Concept | Dock Concept | Display Picture Concept | Circles Concept | Shared Photos

Messenger Marketplace
You heard it here folks, MSN Ebay is here! Buy and Sell within social network, also list wants and share recommendations. List items you want to sell, things you are looking for, and your recommendations. Your buddies notice new items you’ve listed when they login. They can either buy, sell or refer you to one of their buddies. It is like eBay except with people that you already know and trust directly (or a few degrees out).

Please remember, any concept images in this article may or may not represent their final products.
News Source: Neowin


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